After the wedding in “Sour Spring Hollow” – A DCC adventure

The ‘Mountains’ are ‘Shudder’ing as a few residents of the Shudder Mountains take to adventuring in “The Chained Coffin” set by Michael Curtis.

The adventure began when we visited a wedding in “The Woeful Tale of Sour Spring Hollow”. Those PCs who drank the gingery drink at the wedding are thought of in the past tense. (It was a TPK – total party kill).

As only one bottle of the special brew had been discovered, those wedding guests who were not fortunate to be served the gingery drink are now on their way home. They have gathered up the meager leftovers which was not much and are setting out on the only road out of Sour Spring Hollow.

It is dust as they leave the hollow. What the PCs failed to remember until now was the legend of “Moonricket Bridge”. During the day and it’s light, the bridge is safe to cross. But when dusk and night falls, there is something to be afraid of in crossing the bridge.

As I am discovering, Michael Curtis does not disappoint in this set. Mr. Curtis has not laid everything out in a strict fashion. You, as the judge, can fill in ‘folklore’ adventure as you guide the PCs through the Shudder Mountains. The boxed set gives you the funnel and can take your group all the way to Level 5 adventurers.

Last evening, the PCs felt a ‘shudder’ and experience a rot coming from beneath a ruined keep they stumbled upon. Recognizing the banner, the PCs realize that in this area of the mountains there have been villagers disappearing at a surprising rate. The PCs find themselves standing in front of this ruined keep and are compelled to investigate.

My regulars keep bringing newbies to the table. Welcome Jacob and Ben!

Thus they entered Harley Stroh’s “Sailors On the Starless Sea”. Yes, it is another 0-level funnel but even a Level 1 can find themselves at death’s door quickly.

What is under the hill which the keep is set upon may just be the beginning of a love affair with what is found in The Shudder Mountains. The PCs may find they are “Frozen in Time” by Michael Curtis or looking up and seeing a “Hole in the Sky” by Brenden LaSalle. A portal may take them somewhere truly unknown for that split second they may take their eyes off the road.


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