Return to DCC Road Crew 2017

[Insert UGH here. As this was to post 9 days ago].

It has been a few weeks (since October) that I’ve been able to judge DCC at my two FLGSs. It felt good to gather around the table last evening. Road Crew 2017 got back on track last evening at Better World Books in Goshen, IN. We headed to The Shudder Mountains.

After the wedding at “Sour Spring Hollow” with nary a survivor from the Hobb’s Farm adventure, the party has come to an end. Filled with food and dancing all day, the PCs realize that the day is moving into dusk and the guests have all packed up their potluck dishes and dancing shoes, and are now headed for home.

BUT WHICH WAY is home in The Shudder Mountains? What did that gingery tasting witch liqueur do to our brains?

The group decides to follow the only obvious road out of the Hollow. As they moved along the road, dusk is becoming darker. The PCs are losing daylight. They come upon a sign in the fork of the road. One direction says “Sour Spring Hollow Lower” and the other “Moonricket Hollow”. The PCs decide that they will go in the directions of Moonricket Hollow. This is where they come upon Moonricket Bridge and encountered a ghostly adventure.

This Level 1 adventure in “The Chained Coffin” set does not disappoint and can be run within a 3 hr time frame. Adding more to the encounters offered in this part of the modules will add more suspense and death of PCs.
In last evening’s adventure, we had a PC paralyzed and another who made his stealth check but then got entangled in his blackjack by throwing a “1” and fumbling on his attack. He was entangled for 10 minutes as the fighting kept on. No one could roll adequate numbers, not even me…the judge.
The group came to the end of the adventure with fuzzy feelings and the reward.

*“The Chained Coffin” boxed set by Michael Curtis DCC83


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