Road Crew – The Thursday Knights and the SeDoTu Crusaders

It took some time, but the two DCC RPG groups at the two FLGSs where I run Dungeon Crawl Classics Road Crew have taken on names. The Thursday Knights play at Better World Books, Goshen, IN on Thursdays at 6:00 pm.


The SeDoTu Crusaders play at Secret Door Games in the Tutu Parlor on Saturdays at 6:30 pm. As you can easily figure out, SeDoTu is taken from Secret Door and Tutu.


It also lends itself well to a developing world in our DCC RPG game setting. And I am thinking that the Thursday Knights will have their world to build in BeWoBo. But that is to be discovered in further episodes.


As for what has been happening over the past months. Let us say the end of February and March, in helping me from not going too crazy over preparations, I run the same modules at both locations. With Gary Con and with Who’s Yer Con, I have needed to seek out someone from the group willing to take on being the judge. I am happy to introduce another female to The Order of Shana. Marlene Witmer has stepped up to fill Road Crew events in order to keep our weekly commitments with the two FLGSs. In this photo, Marlene is leading the group at Secret Door Games, Elkhart, IN onto “The Purple Planet”.received_1230303137105793.jpg


Our setting for both groups is based in the “Shudder Mountains”. This setting, as I have shared before is Michael Curtis’s creation in his boxed set “The Chained Coffin“. Along with being in the Shudder Mountains, Marlene is mixing in some “Perils on the Purple Planet” by Harley Stroh. Both are available in .pdf also.

Even though each box set does not have modules taking you from 0 level to upper levels fluently. Each boxed set provides enough information to stir your imagination to create some homebrew that is out of this world.

I will say that being a newbie judge, the people who have come to play DCC RPG with me have helped me grow immensely. I have been pushed to read, inquire, watch, and just listen to different types of genre in literature, shows, and movies that I would have told you a year ago, “Sorry, no. You won’t get me interested in that.” And I also have to plug the podcasts: Spellburn, Sanctum Secorum and Appendix N. (I have links to them in the previous blog.)


My geek and nerd-ness are just getting peaked. Over these past months, I have felt like I missed out on so much during my teenage, college and young adult life in not having encountered RPG play. Now that I am in my mid-fifties, I am “eating” up as much of this geek and nerd stuff as I can and I have to say that sharing it with a group of geeks and nerds just makes my life all the better.

So, in getting back to the two DCC RPG groups that have developed, we just recently visited the “Gnole House” in the Goodman Games Free RPG Day Quick Start Guide. Michael Curtis once again writes some clever stuff and in the vein of the original Gary Gygax style, Michael brings us to a rescuing of a peddler who disappears and the sparkling of green gems.


This past Saturday, three new players came to the table. I truly enjoy new players at my table. I have had some die-hard D&D players try DCC and have not returned, but again some games have their fans and you just are not able to bring them over from the… other-side. Oh, wait. I play D&D too. Forgive me.


Plans for upcoming games? Well, I am thinking that the Shudder Mountains will be having a carnival. Wondering if there will be clowns? YES! Lots of creepy clowns and jesters…and …

Enjoy your gaming!


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