Road Crew – The Thursday Knights

Last evening at Better World Books, Goshen, IN three players came to the table to play “Carnival of the Damned” by David Baity. One player was brand new to RPGs. Brand new players to RPGs who come to play at my table receive some special swag!

This time of year with the temps changing some of my players are under the weather.

So, I’m wishing them better soon as they missed a fun start to the carnival that came to town in Thevesburgh of the Shudder Mountains.

By day the carnival is alive with happiness. Children playing and filling themselves with goodies of all kinds. Prizes are won by all. By night the carnival changes and the villagers wake to discover that their children are gone. All that is left are the tiny footprints of the children and they lead in the direction of the carnival.

Now the adventure begins. The villagers (PCs) must save their children. They must enter the carnival at night.

As the PCs approach the entrance to the carnival, they hear the carnival music playing but it’s not the happy music played during the day. This music is eerie. The PCs approach the entrance and as they enter, they immediately encounter a 15′ statue of a jester standing in what looks like a pool. From the skulls, the jester holds in its hands, runs black fluid. The black fluid flows down into the pool. Floating in the pool are severed heads. Some fresh and some quite old.

How much farther would you be willing to go now? Brave are you? Want to find out? You can…

This coming Saturday, April 21 at Secret Door Games in Elkhart, IN the SeDoTu Crusaders will get their chance to look for the children. Muahahaha!

My tables are always “Open Tables”. Anyone wanting to play Dungeon Crawl Classics is welcome to join. Fair warning: You come at the risk of being sucked into the warm and fuzzy gelatinous cube of DCC RPG.


Author: joanAnewbeginningblog

Registered nurse, table & rpg gamer, recreational cyclist, lover of the outdoors, wanna be writer.

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