Road Crew with the SeDoTu Crusaders

Secret Door Games in Elkhart, IN is where our Saturday Road Crew DCC RPG game happens. Due to the overwhelming popularity causing more players at the DCC table, we play in the Tutu Parlor. In previous posts, you can see the pink and lavender walls and the tutus on the walls. We don’t mind as it is a place where we do not have to compete with other games and the noise that they bring. img_20180416_1910568989750868335197511.jpg

Last Saturday, April 21, “Carnival of the Damned” by David Baity came to the town of our peasant adventurers. While back in their village in the Shudder Mountains from their latest adventure to “Gnole House” by Michael Curtis, the carnival comes to town. Happiness by day, their children enjoy cotton candy, games, rides, and prizes. By night, the villagers discover that the carnival has taken all their children. The villagers are woken by the screaming and horror of all the children nowhere in sight. They discover a trail of wax paper candy wrappers leading to the carnival.

Our SeDuTu Crusaders adventured to the entrance where they were engulfed in a pink mist sickly sweet swirling around them and leading them into the night’s carnival of events. This module is set up as a tournament or a 0-level funnel. I am running this module as a combined 0-level and level 1 adventure. It is running well at both Better World Books in Goshen, IN and here at Secret Door Games.

Five players came to the table at Secret Door Games. I enjoy that new players are coming to the table.  With five players, we had 14 0-level PCs and six level 1 PCs. One player lost all of his 0-level PCs. No problem, the “Tilt-A-Whirl” provided him with a couple more villagers to join the adventuring group looking for the children.

img_20180418_1135085162150957882237585.jpgCreepy? Yes. This module is creepy. There are lots of ways to encounter clowns and creatures who do not want the PCs to find the children. And there are ways the PCs can find prizes and clues to find the children. The creepy pink mist, sickly sweet, swirls the PCs to the next attraction. Unlike the Thursday Knights at Better World Books, the SeDoTu Crusaders had better saving rolls for some attractions, but not better dice rolls when it came to creature attacks.

If you are having fun, you are doing it right. And I wish I could remember who said that to me.

Author: joanofarcthedestroyer

Registered nurse, table & rpg gamer, recreational cyclist, lover of the outdoors, wanna be writer.

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