The town’s carnival. It’s creepy. And other things.

“The Carnival of the Damned” by David Baity continues as the Road Crew 2018 event for both Better World Books, Goshen, IN for The Thursday Knights every Thursday evening at 6pm. And for The SeDoTu Crusaders at Secret Door Games, Elkhart, IN in The Tutu Parlor, who meet every Saturday at 6:30pm. Image result for carnival of the damned

Villagers are searching for their children who have vanished in the night. The players have anywhere from two Level 1 PCs to four 0-level PCs. The pink tingling sweet mist lures them from attraction to attraction. With deaths of villagers in some of the attractions, so far, those PCs exiting the attractions meat up with other villagers from there town who are also searching for their children. So, there are always more 0-level PCs for players to play as the children are searched for and hopefully returned to their town.

Related image As I run an open Road Crew DCC RPG table at both Better World Books and Secret Door Games, players are “here and there”.  Last Thursday, three players came for the carnival. Two who had not yet played DCC RPG and a regular. My hope is that the new players will come for some more fun.

This evening, the group will again be attending the carnival. Hoping to maybe ride the “Tunnel of Love” or maybe “The Bone Roller Coaster”. Or maybe play some of the carnival games to win some prizes. Ah, prizes.

From “The Carnival of the Damned” the plan is for the group to wander the Shudder Mountains deeper in “The Chained Coffin” boxed set by Michael Curtis. I am looking forward to getting back into reading and preparing the adventures from this boxed set. Image result for chained coffin boxed set

Our other judge, Marlene runs games on Saturdays where I am not able to be the judge. She and the group are having a blast traversing the “Perils on the Purple Planet” boxed set.Image result for perils of the purple planet I have played as a Cleric in a few of these sessions. My cleric’s name is Ollie Flagon once a Wainwright in his peasant days. He had with him a cart for the dead. This was turned to kindle in the last session. If able, Ollie might be able to craft another wagon during some time in the mountains.

My library of DCC RPG resources has a multiplication spell cast upon it. Wow, I started looking for a module and realized that I have a few piles to organize. I have to say that it all started with friends who gifted me DCC RPG modules for my birthday last September. I think they were the ones who put the multiplication spell on my library. Then with .pdf modules in three-ring binders, I am trying to get organized. Well, if there is a trick to organize and ever-growing DCC RPG library, I could you some insight. Have you put your library in an Excel file or Sheets file? What is your favorite way of categorizing your DCC RPG resources?

I am also trying to put a list together of what to read. With the desire to read Appendix N books, I have got a lot to do. I also listen to DCC RPG podcasts. Sanctum Secorum, Spellburn, and Appendix N. Another podcast getting my time is Glowburn as it talks about MCC RPG (Mutant Crawl Classics).

Another big thing for me is that I submitted an article to be included in the Gong Farmer’s Almanac 2018 to be available at GenCon 51 in August. My article is a Keystone Cops level 1 adventure. Image result for 1900 police box black and white“The Heist of the Royal Jewels” takes place in Anglend where it is reported in “The News” that the royal jewels are to be moved to the Crown Bank of Hertlepoole. The royal constables are the guards and caretakers of the royal jewels as they are taken from Lundin.  The bobbies of Hertlpoole are to be assisting the safe arrival of the royal jewels to the bank. This is where the adventure begins. Players may play as the bobbies or as townsfolk. Several locations have been suggested with a few NPCs thrown in. You, as the judge may add slimy creepy creatures in the sewers below or traps to locations to possibly through off the PCs from the trail of the royal jewels. How you get to the ending is up to you.




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