Writing for DCC RPG fanzine and Road Crew report – The Carnival is in town.

I like trying to write. So, when the announcement was made that the Gongfarmer’s Almanac, a DCC RPG fanzine was accepting articles for the 2018 volume, I delayed until the last minute. Just what everyone else does, correct? Anyway, I submitted a level 1 adventure with the theme – Keystone cops. “The Heist of the Royal Jewels” has now been edited and is ready for layout. The artwork looks great for this project. Look for this to come out at GenCon 51 coming this August 2018.

With the submission of “The Heist of the Royal Jewels,” the response from the editor was, “Cool!”. And I was asked if I could come up with 12 more. Twelve more! That is a challenge and I’m on my way with an idea for the first of 12. I am gathering information through reruns of a cartoon I watched when I was a kid. The inventions within the storyline give great ideas for weapons. Heroes, villains, innocent dame and really dumb puns. Yes, you can get good ideas from childhood books and cartoons. Ok, so I’m talking about those from the 1970’s and 1980’s.  I find that those from my younger years are the best for creating RPG story-telling. So I have chosen to research the themes from 1907’s and 1980’s cartoons.

Now, I go to the report for the latest DCC RPG Road Crew 2018 games. I run at two FLGSs and both groups are enjoying the carnival that has come to their towns. During the day the carnival is lively, happy and filled with prizes and memories. By night the carnival lures the adventurers’ children with all you can eat candy and games. The adventurers are determined to find their children and bring them back home. To do this they need to help the Black Jester find happiness again.  img_20180418_1135085162150957882237585.jpg

In both groups, they have found some prizes and some evil clowns. The PCs have played games for prizes and have also gotten attacked by rides that have come alive to deter their progress through the evil carnival. Many PCs have died and more villagers join the hunt for the children as the PCs leave one attraction to enter another one.

They have ridden through a tunnel of love, slid down a clown’s tongue and played for prizes in an arcade. One PC has been turned into a chicken which is still the PC and able to talk but must talk with occasional clucking between her words. A few of the important items have been found. The pink mist continues to tingle their skin and smell sweet. Carnival music is eerily heard in the distance throughout the carnival and sometimes lures the PCs into tents or onto attractions.

It appears that both groups are stuck in this eerie carnival for some time yet. So stay tuned for more (mis)adventures by the Thursday Nights @ Better Word Books, Goshen, IN and the SeDoTu Crusaders @ Secret Door Games in the Tutu Parlor, Elkhart, IN.

Beyond the Silver ScreamTomorrow, May 26 from 12-3pm I will be running “Beyond the Silver Scream” by Forrest Aguirre at Secret Door Games in Elkhart, IN. The game shop periodically has “Sword and Sorcery Day”. This event is only $5. You get to play all day and have pizza. The focus on games centers around role-playing games of all kinds.

Later in the day, Marlene will run “The Woeful Tale of Sour Spring HChainedCoffinollow” by Michael Curtis. Her game runs from 7-10pm. Both DCC RPG events are 0-level funnels and fun for all players from beginners to “expert”.


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Registered nurse, table & rpg gamer, recreational cyclist, lover of the outdoors, wanna be writer.

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