Running MCC RPG for the first time.

I ran MCC (Mutant Crawl Classics) RPG “The Museum at the End of Time” by Jim Wampler this past Saturday at Secret Door Games, Elkhart, IN.

Image result for museum at the end of time

The SeDoTu Crusaders had a great time, along with this judge, as we crossed the Glow Desert and entered the museum. One player lost all four PC’s early on. I don’t like when players aren’t able to play. So, I try to be creative with where new PCs can come into the game. As with a group that had previously entered the museum, I chose to add another group that had gotten lost/found in the museum.

The only thing about learning MCC is the mechanics of the Artifact Checks and the Artificial Intelligence check. Ok, you can laugh, but the “A” for both words confused me. “Oh bother. Which am I checking again? AI or Artifact?” Then I don’t know if I have the formulas correct. What do I check what against, again?

So, the usual antics occurred with this group. It’s not that they repeat the same gonzo stuff. The group of players that come to my games seems to come up with new and crazy stuff to try. One player said that I must have DCC underwear. I immediately came back that it doesn’t take any underwear to play DCC. (Well, maybe I said something else.)

I love to play DCC RPG and am falling quickly into playing MCC RPG. Just hope I can wrap my head quickly around the AI checks and the Artifact Checks.

But first, I need to make sure that I am prepared for the six events I will be running at GenCon 51 on August 8-12 for Goodman Games. See you at GenCon.


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