The Writing Bug or Bugs in the Writing?

In mid-April, I was struck with the “Bug”. The writing “bug”. So I wrote a little adventure starter for the “Gongfarmer’s Almanac” to be released at GenCon 2018 in August. A Keystone cop type theme. I titled it ” The Heist for the Royal Jewels”. It got play tested once during a BBQ party at my house. It was a blast as players from both Better World Books and Secret Door Games came to “test” this out. You can find my adventure starter in volume #5 of the “Gonfarmer’s Almanac 2018”.

I dislike writer’s block. And the fact that every story needs the first words to get typed or written on a page. It also does not help to have chronic tendonitis in my left thumb and up the inner arm ending up in the shoulder.

So, I am taking this time in writing my blog to get the writing juices flowing. Knowing that reading and watching themed books and videos can help with this, I am trying to get some time in on some well-needed Appendix N reading and also some theme related movies and videos. And listening to Queen’s “Under Pressure”.

Thinking I have a good title for the module I am writing, I come to want to edit before the story is even written. “Cart before the horse”? Yes!  So many things that I’m doing wrong with the writing process at this time.

Looking for organizing strategy. So, I say there are bugs in the writing with having the writing bug.



Author: joanAnewbeginningblog

Registered nurse, table & rpg gamer, recreational cyclist, lover of the outdoors, wanna be writer.

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