Gary Con Recap: better late than never.

Just to finally sit down and do some writing has been a chore. I never quite know where to start. I’m continually looking for the great opening line. And it never really comes.

I arrived on the Wednesday before Gary Con to the Grand Geneva Resort. It’s awesome to arrive on Wednesday the day before the con starts. You can get settled in your room, then relax by walking around, meeting friends in the bar area, and hopefully getting into a pickup game. The bar area was my stopping point. Members of the DCC RPG tribe were there and we started talking and having fun. I like to describe the tribe as the warm, fuzzy gelatinous cube.

Image result for gelatinous cube

This description was given an “endorsement” by the Dark Master at last year’s GenCon. And the warm, fuzzy gelatinous cube has absorbed me and I do not wanting to make a saving throw

Gary Con has to be the best gaming con ever. Now, why do I say that? I’m no expert on going to gaming conventions. I only started going to gaming conventions in 2017, starting with GenCon 50. I’d won a Goodman Games Road Crew contest. First time at a gaming convention and the first time I’d run events at a gaming convention. What an experience. I went back last year, 2018 and ran six DCC RPG events. In so doing, Joseph Goodman placed a silver DCC medal on me. Wow!

2018 was my first time going to Gary Con. Gary Con X. I went as a player and loved every minute of it. I was glad to be able to get a room at the Grand Geneva again for this year. And this year I went as a Game Master and ran the playtest of a module I am writing “Feast of the Mün Queen”. It all started out as an “off the top of my head” idea for a themed game night at a local bookstore. Initially titled “Pearl Jean’s Peculiar Portentous Potluck”.

“Feast of the Mün Queen” was playtested four times during Gary Con XI. All tickets were taken except for two. I ran three of the four events over four hours each. The last event was ran at five hours. I was glad for this as it lead to some discussion time. I want to thank the players in all my events for taking notes and willingly giving them to me. As this is the first attempt at creating an adventure and writing one, I appreciate the feedback. If you are coming to Origins Gaming Fair, look me up. Just look for the table with the GM and players wearing pillbox hats.

The immediate feedback was one of smiles and laughter during game play. It is a crazy adventure of attending an elegant dinner for a cookbook release and author signing. Things go awry when the food begins to cause “indigestion”.

It was a blast to run this idea for a module and the comments during play and after play were and are encouraging. I definitely love to hear lots of laughter and the rolling of dice. You want to do that? Why sure! Roll me a … save!

One of the things I do regret about the weekend is not scheduling enough down time to regroup and just enjoy being around the tribe. I scheduled so much into the convention time that socializing had to take a “back seat” almost. I was rushed from here to there.

Highlight of the weekend? Oh my, do I really have to choose? Jim Wampler’s MCC game “Tomb of Horrors” hit a high mark. Jen Brinkman’s “Lankmar” game! The after con game with Bob Brinkman! This is a must if you are able to stay for Sunday evening. Bob did an awesome job navigating 20 players in an adventure on the sea as pirates. The best of all throughout the whole weekend was the laughter. There is nothing better than laughter!

I wish I could write in detail every bit of fun and greatness that I experienced. I don’t know what could be better in the year yet to come. The weekend at Gary Con XI sums up the year already. It will be hard, in the months, to find a match to the weekend at Gary Con XI.

What’s next? My calendar says it is to be Origins Gaming Fair. I have submitted to run two events. My module playtest “Feast of the
Mün Queen”. Hope to see you there.