Play testing for DCC RPG

Last evening I was part of a playtesting group for a Level 2 module. We were told from the start that we would be playtesting as our judge had been asked if he would do it with our group.

Now our group has one regular player…me. A returning player (he had not played the last 2 weeks), a returning player for the last two weeks, and two new players to DCC RPG.

Our judge has his own WordPress site so you may read past game reviews here: Take on Rules and his other insights on gaming.

My take on playtesting: Well, it was going pretty well, except that rough draft for this playtest was really rough. The map and the directions on the map made sense. BUT…the directions in the module did not, at all, coincide with the map. We were really direction turned. Poor judge! We needed to end the adventure early because the module was so wordy and confusing.

So, our playtesting was a module from Pathfinders being adapted to the DCC RPG rule set. “Purple Mountain II: Ruins of the Dwarven Delve” I believe this is the module. Yes, overall, I think that this module could be fun, but disappointed that the rough draft was way rougher to decipher for play.

I like traps and tricks, but this was so full of traps that adventuring was pushed back to almost nothingness. Where is the story-line for role-playing? I did like the gremlins and their descriptions, but what more is there?

If you have played “Purple Mountain II: Ruins of the Dwarven Delve”, what are your comments?


Learning the role of DM/GM/Judge

This is the post excerpt.

This is the first blog for my discovery of tabletop role-playing gaming.

I was introduced to Dungeons and Dragons in 2013.  Now playing in a small group of players that have played for years together has been intimidating. I’ve had to learn really quickly, but there is no way I’m going to get to the experience they have. I’ve bumbled and fumbled multiple times with character creations in D&D 3.0/3.5.

In the past few months, I’ve been introduced to Dungeon Crawl Classics. For short it is called DCC RPG. When I first played it, I disliked it. I guess I was expecting my 0-level characters to at least be stronger than marshmallows. I was so disappointed that we didn’t get through the whole module before we were slaughtered by a huge clay army. Geez, I was hoping that the Judge would have been a bit more helpful in giving clues to helping us get through the adventure.

Now that I’ve taken on the role of Judge, I’m learning that it’s not all that easy to run a module. I’m understanding why that most DM/GM/Judges prefer to run their own adventures. I’m also learning that my style to one that with each evening the group plays, that we come to a “conclusion”.  That the conclusion includes finding a “mother-load” of some treasure after slaying monsters of some kind.

As I am learning, I am also finding that there are so many resources out there for role-playing. That there is really no cut and dried rules. There are lots of resources that are guidelines, but not meant to be rules set in stone. Yes, you will find runes carved in stone within the stories.

Fantasy genre was not something liked. I didn’t even like “The Hobbit” when I first read it. I chose to read it a second time, as so many people found it a wonderful read. Movies being made and enjoyed by millions and I felt like I was missing something. And I was. Now, I know that I’m missing a whole lot of fun reading. And I’m finding that there is not enough time to read it all.

I thought I’d like to read all the books before watching the movies, but now I’m pretty sure that I only have time to watch the movies. So much and so little time.

I enjoy table games and am finding that role-playing games are intriguing.  So, I have offered to be Judge for DCC RPG at a local game store and I am having fun learning and teaching this crazy fun dungeon crawl game.